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You are soo0  worth it.

Not nearly enough do we slow down and honour the body that carries us through our daily tasks. Oggi Spa Experiences are curated to help you hit the refresh button or fully surrender to zoning out. Self-care... for the WIN!

Spa Experiences in St. Catharines

    Press the reset button on your health, with attention to your body's unique needs. Therapeutic techniques are employed to ease tension, alleviate muscle pain and provide stress relief. 55 minutes / $130 85 minutes / $170
    Honour your body with the time it takes to create renewal. Surrender completely to touch, and drift out of your body before journeying back to the surface... fully refreshed, calm and restored. 55 minutes / $130 85 minutes / $170
    Shed any worries, and be one with your body and your baby in this soothing journey of wellness and healing. Focused on Mama's physical needs, this treatment nourishes her soul as well. 55 minutes / $130 85 minutes / $170
    Deep tissue massage for the athlete, those in need of muscle release, TLC, relaxation... or all of the above. Focus on your area of need for repair and renewal. 55 minutes / $130 85 minutes / $170
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